Recognising my best friend.

“I have told you hundred of times , do not drag your feet while you are walking ! Don’t you understand??”
“Sit straight , keep your back erect . How many times should I tell you?”
“Come on , wake up! First brush your teeth and then go back to bed..!”

I always had complaints that why doesn’t he appreciate me rather is always after me to annihilate all the bad habits and subscribe for the good ones.
Until one day while I was thinking about myself, I realized what role my father’s involvement in my life plays.
I realized that I could not identify the reason that why he had to pinpoint at all my mistakes … so that others do not get an opportunity to point out them.
I had understood that behind all this was a sense of true care and affection.
He made me realize his essence and also that I would have been nothing without him!!
He has always been there for me and lastly he has also made me realize that he is my best friend.
Love you papa!!


The Mute Silence!!

“Should I call her or not , nahh!  Why should I?? Its been around 4 years and she did not call me even once.” Many years ago when our heart was filled with friendship today unfortunately ego has replaced it. We used to be best of friends but now who damn cares about it.Even if I pretend not to , but still  I do…Nobody liked us because we were the ones who troubled each of our partners so that we could sit together…But that was impossible because everyone knew the consequences of us sitting combined..Who imagined that this ego will grow massive to this extent that we’ll even hesitate to talk to each other.. You are busy in your world and me in mine but I can identity your absence in my world..

These barriers have got me insane and demented  …
No more can I endure this mute silence!