(BLACK)Now I realize why she laughed @ me!!

There are so many things that you want back in your life…!!
Perhaps if this question is put up infront of me , my answer certainly would be me myself in that phase of life which is cherished by everyone ..
I hope you got it !!
“My childhood”
There is a lot to say on this subject but today I would praise my innocence a bit..
I know that praising yourself is not a good habit but still I would like you to meet me in my child avatar…
All my relatives and family members believe that I was a very sincere and a quiet child that time
(Hahahaa!) But let me tell you this is just an illusion..
But I totally agree that I was very innocent and childlike…and I dont want these qualities to ever perish.
Once a girl in my neighbour came to my home and asked me certain questions because she was asked to do a survey…   I was glad she chose me ..I tried to act in a very sophisticated and an appealing manner as if I am a celebrity who is going to be interviewed and  would be asked about her views on international matters!!
She asked me numerous questions and I sitting with legs crossed and hands folded answered all of them excellently.
The story begins now!!
Then she asked me my favourite colour..and my answer was

Her laughter was very embarrassing for me. I mean what was so hilarious about it..
After all this, she said bye to my mother and left..
And I was sitting as a statue at that moment.
Although my mother didn’t ask me why black was the answer still I justified myself saying ,
“No one in this world likes black . He must feels so lonely and sorrowful, that is the reason I favoured him mumma”
My mother held me in her arms and hugged me tightly .

When today mumma narrates these incidents I realize the reason why my answer had overtaken that girl with a wave of hilarity.

I wish this innocence never dies within me..!!