The Way She Talked To Me..

Going through a very fine day and you are struck by an obnoxious phenomenon that shakes you to your core! 

I look at her worldly-wise dexterous eyes, dazzling vividly yet filled with blurriness.  But, behind all the haziness, I observe an enraging outburst. I throw a glance at her face and I find her mellow smile enveloped into her clinched teeth. I catch a glimpse of her evercalm visage and at the moment, I find it pissed off completely. And then, I am hit by a flood of ridicule, disconcertion and I am lugged in an awkward situation where my mouth is slammed shut. I am     specifically tauntalised, blamed and criticised for being someone to someone who means the most to me. I do not answer back or speak up because I know that neither would it change anyone nor does it matter to anyone. My condition is turning to be like a rotten sandwich, suffocated between rebels and situations which are crushing me entirely. I find myself being eaten up.

 I don’t want to be a mediator of anger, hatred, disgust any longer because these maligns pass through me and I have to bore them within for no reasons. The tears have fatigued but I want to cry even more! 

My mind placates me all the time saying, “Let Those People Go To Hell, Buddy!!”… but my juvenile heart makes me realise that “Letting Those People Go To Hell Isn’t That Easy, Dude”


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