IT WAS A SUNDAY…                                                                                                                          I along with my little sister and grandparents were sitting at the dining table, discussing, chattering and having enormous fun. Eventually we came up with a game which was all about choosing a name out of two options to whom we loved more.. Not even taking a millisecond, my sister stood up frantically and commenced the game in a very straightforward manner by asking sort of a moot question. She wanted them to opt between their children and grandchildren that is us!! I stared at her and gave her a could-you-just-shut-up look, but at the same time I was eagerly waiting for them to answer too!🤗

There was an awkward silence subduing the moment. While grandpa started to say something, maa was still silent. And then, what he said was just ineffable, really… how beautiful it was!

He said: “Imagine, we’ve been saving money since a long time. It is very precious and valuable to us. We kinda feel fortunate to have it with ourselves. We nurture it and handle it with great care. After sometime, when our savings turn into a handsome amount, we decide to deposit it in the bank with an intention of earning interest. The concept of earning interest excites and exhilarates us thoroughly. (While, I was listening to him.. I was baffled out completely due to my inability to fathom between what he tried to convey and the question we had put up… but soon, there was no more blurness, things turned clear and coherent.) Did you note one important thing?? That even though the hard earned money we had saved was certainly more than the interest that we were gonna earn… still, the idea of gaining interest rejuvenated and excited us the most. Now, put an end to the imagination and listen carefully. The money we nurtured and the money which made our life survivable as well as bearable is our children & the little amount of interest we earned that gladdened our lives are you!!!

After he concluded, my sister was trying to understand what actually grandpa’s answer was, while I was lost in the depth of whatever he had said. I couldn’t help but just smile:) He answered the question as well as neglected it with great smartness…But besides smart, his philosophy was more than anything damn beautiful.

Although, we did not obtain a clear answer that day, but we gained a lot more..!💕                 I remember that ‘Sun-day’, how luminous and bright it was…!




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