Anonymous no more…

There is always a man I have looked up to in no matter what situation, a man filled with great poise and aplomb. A person who seems to have mastered every aspect of life. A man who dares to flirt with the vehemence of life….dad!!!   I do not know the reason but recently, dad made up his mind to introspect his attainment in the field of music as well. He started to learn playing guitar. I was stunned to see that how he explores some or the other boost to freshen up life. It wasn’t any up in the air, now, that he was really determined. After returning  home, each night I could see him holding the guitar in his hand and trying to figure out the chords. The way he holded the instrument could clearly portray his desperation and an undeviating mind. Initially, I sat down beside him trying to puzzle out the anonymous beats he played but gradually those beats were anonymous no more.                     Since, the day I began understanding people, I could always recognise him as a complete man who could prove his excellence anytime. Despite many hindrances, he always presented himself extremely well. And maybe because he carried himself this well,it was absolutely a unique experience to see that what made him struggle were the little strings of the guitar. I always saw him as an accomplished and ready stock but I never thought of seeing his processing and refining stage!

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